It is a fact of life that accidents can happen at any time and anywhere. Even if you are a pedestrian, you can find yourself involved in an automobile accident.

That is the case when a woman hit and killed a pedestrian in a hit-and-run accident that happened in unincorporated Norcross last month. According to police, Ruth Escobar, 50, hit Kanaiyalal P. Patel, 85, in the early evening near Kings Ridge Drive and Singleton Road around 6 p.m. on Sunday, April 13th.

Escobar failed you yield at a stop sign when she struck Patel with her 1999 FordF-150 pickup truck. Patel was transported to Gwinnett Medical Center with life threatening injuries. The elderly man later died as a result of the injuries he sustained in the accident.

Escobar did not stop and render aid to the driver as required by law. An eyewitness to the accident followed Escobar to her home where she was arrested by authorities. Escobar was held in the Gwinnett County Jail.

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Joe DurkeePeople who drive under the influence of alcohol are a danger to everyone around them, causing untold amounts of damage and often spreading tragedy wherever they go. Like anyone else who commits acts that harm others, they should be responsible for paying for that harm, including medical bills, repairs, and other losses suffered by their victims. This is often impossible without the help of a good personal injury attorney.

A woman in Brookhaven has been arrested for a single-vehicle accident that hurt a pedestrian and knocked over two power poles. The 34-year-old was arrested and charged with DUI, among other traffic charges.

Approximately 300 people in the area of the accident lost power, but Georgia Power was able to restore the utility after a short outage.

The pedestrian was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital. There is no further information on the victim’s condition.

An accident is far more than an inconvenience, even when it is considered ‘minor’. It costs time and money to recover while the car is repaired, for hospital or doctor visits, for time taken away from work, and many other little details that come from that one incredibly disruptive event. You’re going to need good legal representation …

Into the WildThose who hurt other people in accidents owe far more than whatever legal penalties they face. When they crash their car through someone’s wall, someone has to pay to repair that wall, and perhaps pay for alternate lodgings or lost business for the building so damaged. When these people cause injury, the victim should not have to pay for the medical bills. It is the responsibility of the person who caused the injury. The fight of a personal injury lawyer is all about making sure those who victimize others through their carelessness face up to that responsibility.

A suspect in a hit-and-run case that killed a small child and injured another has fled the country, according to DeKalb County police.

The 57-year-old driver has been identified by police by the truck he left behind. Using surveillance video, they were able to track the truck and they believe it was this truck that killed a 2-year-old boy and injured his 4-year-old sister.

The children were at an entrance to a Walmart store, waiting for an opportunity to cross the street when the car hit them and just kept going.

DeKalb County detectives collaborated with federal authorities to verify the suspect had …

David Tulis / AP

Yesterday, Atlanta was hit with a snowstorm that rivaled the ‘snowmageddon’ that happened in 2011. Cars were stranded, buses fell off the road into ditches, and ten minute commutes expanded into 3 hour commutes. There were reports of people taking upwards of six hours to get home.

It started snowing early in the day and began to pile up.  By the time that businesses called it an early day and sent people home, it was too late to save them from traffic snarls that lasted for hours. Schools tried to let out their students around the same time, further compounding the traffic issues.

The snow didn’t let up until the early evening, leaving at least three inches on the ground.  While this may be child’s play to Northern cities, Atlanta does not have the infrastructure to handle snow and ice well. As a result, over a thousand calls to police were made last night alone for traffic accidents. Police, fire, and rescue personnel were dispatched to the most severe of crashes.

In response to all of the stranded motorists, the people of Atlanta started to create impromptu shelters.  Churches, Mexican restaurants, Home Depots, and other places raised their hands …

CBS Atlanta

When a close family member dies in an accident, especially a young person, parents may feel that the actions of the court are not enough to punish the people in the crime. Lawsuits and criminal charges can only go so far. Sometimes a parent will decide that they need to take their demands to the legislature and ask lawmakers to change the laws.

That is what one family is doing after a young woman was killed in a road rage crash last October. According to police, a truck crashed into the 20-year-old’s SUV head-on.  Both drivers were killed in that accident, though the passengers in the woman’s vehicle survived. Police say that the truck driver got angry when he couldn’t pass another vehicle that was in front of him. When he tried to get in front unsafely he crashed into the woman.

The perpetrator paid the ultimate price, but the family wants to make sure that this sort of accident doesn’t happen again. They are working with State Rep. Kevin Tanner to create the Chelsea Gerrish Law. The parents are seeking stiffer penalties, including felony charges and license suspension for 6-12 months.

Time will tell if the proposed legislation …

Anyone who has driven on the Perimeter knows how dangerous it can be to stop on the shoulder. Atlanta drivers aren’t particularly safe. Speeding is very common especially on the interstates, and many places on I-285 aren’t safe to pull over onto the shoulder. Accidents on I-285 happen every day.


Unfortunately, in an accident on the 3rd a man lost his life while on the side of the road. He was changing a tire just at the start of the afternoon rush hour. Another vehicle hit him and killed him at the scene. The driver did stop, fortunately, to give a police report.


It’s a tragic accident that will be a part of the driver’s life for the remainder of his days. However, the driver may have more than just bad memories to contend with. The police could bring further charges against him. Also, if the victim has family then they could file a wrongful death lawsuit. Wrongful death suits are used to help recover from the financial loss of someone who has died, as well as to cover funeral expenses and to settle any final debts.


If you have had a family member killed by …

Credit: DavidAccidents happen every day across the city, but when someone injures someone deliberately that raises things to an entirely different level. That’s what police say happened in southeast Atlanta last Sunday when a woman got hit by a car at Gartrell Street and Boulevard.

Police say that the 53-year-old woman who was killed deliberately by the driver of the car, a 63-year-old man. Witnesses say that the man revved the engine, drove the car toward the sidewalk and jumped the curb, striking the victim. It was also reported that the driver had a previous fight with the deceased about three weeks ago.

Witnesses pulled the man out of the car and held him until police arrived. He has been charged with aggravated assault and murder, and was taken to Grady for treatment before being taken to the Fulton County Jail. Records show that the man was charged with several other offenses in the past.

Our hearts go out to the mother of 10 who died in this incident, and we hope that they are able to get the justice they need. Anyone could accidentally kill someone and have to face a wrongful death suit, but deliberately killing someone will almost …

Credit: Douglas Jones Jr.We we drive around in Atlanta, we try to avoid hitting the ramps of Spaghetti Junction. If at all possible, we’ll take the surface roads to go from Buford Highway to Jimmy Carter and then pick up I-85 from there. Better still, we’ll take Peachtree Industrial. It’s difficult to think about the circumstances surrounding the need to walk on the roadway.

Unfortunately, we’ll never know the details which surround why Saquena Williams of Doraville was walking around that area. She was killed in a hit-and-run, and her body was not discovered until 8:40am.

Employees at an nearby office park got a tragic surprise when they were heading in to work near I-285. Police Captain Steven Fore of the DeKalb County Police Department said, “Her injuries appeared consistent with those that would be sustained from being struck by a motor vehicle.” In truth, there’s a high likelihood that we’ll never find out exactly what happened.

“Exact cause of death will be determined by the medical examiner’s office,” he continued.

Strangely enough, there was another hit and run pedestrian accident which happened about 10 minutes before Ms. Williams’ death was reported. It was in the northbound lanes of I-285 around Memorial …

A five-year-old Macon child was tragically killed when she was hit by a Bibb County School bus near her home. The Barden Elementary School kindergartener was reportedly crossing Virginia Drive with other children around 4 pm when she was struck by a rear tire on the passenger vehicle. According to the Macon Police Department, the girl stepped off of a curb and walked backwards into a school bus that was in the process of turning. The impact allegedly knocked the child to the ground where the wheel reportedly ran over her torso. Following the incident, the five-year-old was purportedly taken by ambulance to the Medical Center of Central Georgia where she underwent surgery. Bibb County Coroner Leon Jones stated the girl was pronounced dead at the hospital about three hours after she was struck by the school bus.

The exact cause of the fatal accident is currently under investigation by local law enforcement officials. Two witnesses supposedly told police that the bus driver was talking on a cell phone when the girl was struck. At this time, no charges have been filed in connection with the tragedy.

Regrettably, pedestrians throughout the State of Georgia are placed at risk of being …

A 67-year-old Conyers man was recently killed in a Rockdale County pedestrian accident that involved a tractor-trailer. Melvin Duerson was reportedly walking his bicycle across Georgia Highway 138 near South Main Street in Conyers when he was hit by a semi-truck that was headed north. Immediately following the collision, emergency responders allegedly transported Duerson to Rockdale Medical Center where he later died as a result of the injuries he sustained in the crash. The exact cause of the fatal accident is currently under investigation by the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office Special Operations Unit. According to Sheriff’s Office Investigator Michael Camp, it is unlikely the unnamed driver of the truck will face criminal charges in connection with Duerson’s death.

It is a sad fact that pedestrians throughout Georgia are placed at risk of being hurt in a collision with a motor vehicle each time they leave their home. Georgia reportedly ranks ninth in the number of per capita deadly pedestrian crashes nationwide. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration data found that almost two pedestrians per 100,000 people died in Georgia in 2010. During the same year, the national average for pedestrian accident deaths was only 1.38 per 100,000 people.

In 2010, more …

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