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How we settle an Auto Accident claim

Writing the insurance company

First, your attorney will determine the insurance company that they need to write. If it was the other driver’s fault, then they would be writing their insurance company.

After your attorney determines which insurance company is liable, they will put together a demand letter to the insurance company.

Your attorney will include in this letter all of the details of the accident written out in a specific order. They will include the copies of your documents mentioned in the bulleted list above.

In the letter, they will have to make a demand that the insurance company reimburse you for the amount of money you had to pay out of pocket. They will also demand three to five times the amount for all of the hours and inconveniences you went through to address all of these medical issues and car damages.

Here is some information on how your attorney will write their demand letter:

  • They will begin by overviewing your injuries in detail to the claim representative

  • They will state why the other person was responsible for the accident that caused your injuries. They will include the police report and any other pieces of evidence to support their argument and go over the details with them.

  • Your lawyer will go over the medical treatments you needed to receive, details about receiving them, and cost. They will write factually about the amount of the medical bills, and detail your injuries while using accurate medical terms.

  • Outlining the financial damages you took on is an important aspect of the demand letter your attorney will be writing. It will include a loss of work and income, which is very significant in this letter. They will relate how your injuries are tied to your need to miss work and present doctors notes they have garnered. Pay stubs showing evidence of your loss of pay, and also a letter from your employer confirming the facts of how much work you have missed and how much regular income you have missed will all be gathered by your attorney from your workplace and provided in the letter.

  • Your lawyer will point out the reasons why you are qualified to make this claim. With years of experience in settling claims, they will effectively argue other distresses this has caused in your personal life such as the emotional hardships.

  • Finally, in the letter your lawyer has written, they will demand that the insurance company pays you the lump sum amount specified. This sum will include all of the monetary damages you have accumulated, plus an amount for inconveniences and suffering. This lump sum will likely be significantly higher than the amount you would be satisfied with. Your attorney is doing this since the claim representative will want to bring down your claim amount a lot.

Instead of having the insurance company contact you and pester you, your lawyer will be the point of contact for the insurance company’s negotiations. Your lawyer will be easy to be found.

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