Back-to-School Safety Tips for Children Traveling To and From School

Safety Travel Tips for Children in Utah

Whenever a new school year starts, it is an ideal time for parents to review with their children the basic safety concerns they may face as they travel to and from school. Since many young students travel to school unaccompanied by an adult, it is critical that they learn to keep safety in mind.

The following general safety tips should be stressed:

  • Always be confident and alert when walking down streets so you can be aware of the details surrounding you. If you feel that something is not right, stop and see what has triggered this feeling. Your instincts should not be ignored since they are your first line of defense.
  • As much as possible, walk with a group.
  • If you sense or realize that you are being followed, change your pace or direction. Head to a safer place where there are bright lights and other people around who can see you. Try to remember what the person following you looks like.
  • Do not take shortcuts in unfamiliar or undesirable areas.
  • If someone unfamiliar approaches you on the street, make brief eye contact and continue walking. Even if they speak, don’t stop walking and don’t engage in conversation.
  • Do not get into any vehicles with strangers.
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