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Top 9 essential things you should do if you are in a Car Accident

Take Photographic Evidence

When multiple parties are involved in a car accident with their own claims for injuries and compensation, it is not unusual for there to be conflicting versions of what happened. This is why it is very important for you to take photographs to support your version of events. In today’s technological age, it’s very easy to do this with a smart phone. If you do not have a camera with you during the time of the accident, then consider buying a disposable one from the nearest convenience store. If you call a lawyer, you can ask your lawyer to bring a camera.

If you do have a camera with you at the time of the accident, you need to know what to photograph. Photograph anything that has a bearing on the accident and could also help your claim. You should take pictures of the accident area, the vehicles involved and their passengers, the damages to those vehicles, the street lights and traffic signs involved, the condition of the weather when the accident happened, the injuries which the passengers endured, and the general location of the accident.

When taking photographs, make sure that you do not just get one angle of a picture and that your photo is discernible. If you do not have good quality photos, or if the angles of your shots are not up to par, then they may be dismissed as evidence.

Remember that the closer your photos are to the time of the accident, the better they will be from an evidence perspective since you were able to document the situation before it has been altered. Having photographs can also help you disprove any adverse claim against you since the photos speak for themselves as compared to testimonial evidence.

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