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Top 9 essential things you should do if you are in a Car Accident

Check for Injuries and Call the Police or Dial 911

A car accident will most likely involve damage to your vehicle and can result in bodily harm either to you or to the passengers of your car. The first thing you must do is check yourself for any injuries and do the same for your passengers. Afterwards, you should also check the road and other involved vehicles for any drivers or passengers who need immediate attention.

It is possible that in the immediate aftermath of the accident certain passengers either in your car or within your vicinity might be buried under forms of debris – be on the lookout to help such individuals. Other incidents requiring emergency intervention include passengers with open wounds whose bleeding might have to be reduced immediately, or car passengers trapped in burning cars that could require an immediate rescue if the authorities are still not on the scene.

Usually, it is more appropriate to dial 911 or call the police so that they themselves can secure the car accident scene – your immediate intervention should only be resorted to during situations of extreme emergency. Once the authorities arrive, you should immediately inform them of who needs medical attention or further help. If you yourself need medical attention, notify them immediately.  Also, you should inform them of the individuals who seem to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol – as these matters can be especially important in determining the liabilities of the parties involved with respect to the accident.

Remember that most insurance companies will not entertain claims if there is no formal police report. You should call the authorities –  not only for the purpose of ensuring the safety of everyone, but also to help document your possible insurance claims.


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