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How A Personal Injury Attorney Can Help You

How Can my Personal Injury Lawyer Help?

In order to help you better understand how a personal injury lawyer can help you, here is a simple checklist of what they can do for you.

  • Help you address the procedural and evidentiary requirements as well as all legal formalities in order to enforce your claim;
  • Provide expert assistance in framing your claims, pleadings, and allegations so that the proper authorities can appreciate your case better;
  • If required, provide expert litigation representation and expert verbal and written legal support during trial;
  • Protect you from unscrupulous and diversion tactics that may be used by insurance corporations or opposing counsel;
  • Provide expert representation and negotiation skills in cases where settlement is being offered by the other party;

There are many factors to be considered in determining the extent of possible compensation for your injury, and your lawyer should be able to recognize this. Even a seemingly minor injury incident can lead to several work absences and sustained medical treatment, which can mean trouble for your financial well-being.

Another contentious matter that can be a source of a major headache for you involves trying to claim from the insurance of the opposing party. The sad reality is, insurance providers are profit-first organizations who are essentially hard wired to do everything in their power to deny your claim. If you try to claim from them, they will view you as a financial burden since it will not be in their best interests to recognize your claim.

With an expert attorney by your side, you will be relieved from the legal strain required to deal with procedure, the courts, the opposing party, and even insurance corporations. By hiring a lawyer, you will be immediately given an intermediary and a negotiator to deal with these third parties, which increases exponentially the possibility of a favorable settlement claim since your lawyer can better advance your interests against these parties in a more strategic and formal manner. Moreover, your lawyer can also take into consideration your present loss as well as the long-term impact of your injury, which will be taken into consideration when pursuing your claim. For example, if you suffered an injury that prevents you from working again, then you should not only be compensated for the extent of your injury but also for your loss of earning capacity.

Hiring a personal injury lawyer can also give you peace of mind since at least you will know that you are not alone in dealing with your case or injury.

An important consideration that many personal injury victims are concerned with involves the issue of legal fees or their perceived high cost of legal fees for personal injury cases. Fortunately, most personal injury cases are handled by lawyers on a contingency basis, which means that your lawyer will not charge you anything until they have won a settlement or award for you. If your lawyer has been able to successfully collect a settlement on your behalf, or even an award from the court for your personal injury, then their legal fees will be a percentage of your winnings. Cases on a contingency basis are beneficial for both parties since this motivates your lawyer to win and claim quickly on your behalf.

Remember that personal injury claims have to be presented within a certain time depending on the nature of your claim. If you fail to process your papers or claims within this allotted time, then you can lose your entitlement to compensation or to an award, no matter how strong your claims were in the first place.

Another important consideration is, without a lawyer, you may be unable to preserve or collect the required evidence in order to advance your claim on your own. In fact, without legal help that only a personal injury lawyer can provide, you will most likely lose important pieces of evidence or documentation very quickly. A good lawyer can advise and guide you regarding what appropriate steps you should take in order to keep and establish evidence. This could include your medical bills, medical opinions, or in the case of accidents, surveillance tapes of the area of the accident. Some legal remedies that can be done by your lawyer include the filing of subpoenas or discovery procedures.

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