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How to Know If You Need a Work Injury Lawyer


Suffering an injury at work can certainly be a life changing event. You can immediately lose your ability to work and the primary source of income for your family. Recognizing these needs, the law has set up worker’s compensation in order to compensate or approximate your earning capacity in case you suffered an injury at work.

Unfortunately, some workers who suffer an injury will not be taken care of in the proper manner by their employers. Even if you have served the same company for many years, or have stayed loyal to only one corporation, you might suddenly find yourself on the “other side” where your employer will do everything in its power to not only deny your medical claim, but in some cases, fire you as well for initiating an injury claim or worker’s compensation claim. Worse, you might find yourself at the mercy of a slow moving insurance provider who will certainly take its time in trying to delay, deny, or completely ignore your claim.

Anticipating these work injury claims, some employers will even go as far as to misclassify your worker status to that of an “independent contractor” so that you won’t even be covered by these benefits.

Against this wide spectrum of possibilities, it therefore becomes imperative to have a seasoned work injury lawyer by your side. A lawyer can help you with the evidentiary, regulatory, and documentary requirements that you will need in order to establish your claim. They can also ensure that you will be able to preserve and explore all avenues and rights with respect to your injury.

What’s more, the timing of hiring a lawyer can actually make or break your case. While it may seem inconvenient and can be the last thing on your mind when are dealing with an injury, hiring a work injury lawyer as soon as possible is the most prudent way to ensure that you will get a claim for any work-related injury.

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