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What is an Accident Attorney?

Why Hire an Accident Attorney?

The most obvious reason why you should hire an accident attorney is it might be beyond your capability to enforce all your rights if you or your loved ones have suffered an injury due to an accident. On your own, you might feel that hiring an attorney might be too expensive, or that all you need is to inquire with your insurance provider, or even the other party, in order to achieve adequate compensation for your accident. Furthermore, hiring a lawyer might be just the last thing on your mind if you have just suffered a traumatic event.

However, hiring an accident attorney can more than just “help” or supplement your case – your attorney can actually make the entire difference whether you can establish your claim or not. There are too many considerations in terms of fact determination, legal procedure, or processes that individuals without legal training are normally clueless about. You have to remember that in any tribunal or governing body, they begin with the presumption that all evidence is hearsay, and establish an accident personal injury claim to “establish a personal injury claim. In fact, the entire process begins right about the time immediately after your accident since most documentation will occur with the recent scene of the injury.

It is therefore ideal to call an experienced Atlanta accident attorney as soon as you suffer the accident so that your lawyer can preserve and collect possible documentary, testimonial, and photographic evidence of your accident that might be crucial or useful for the establishment of your claims. You must also be wary of giving any testimony or documentation to the other party since this might be used against you later in order to diminish your claim.

Another crucial aspect that requires the expertise of an attorney involves settlement offers – it would take an experienced attorney to evaluate whether a proposed settlement for your accident was actually done in good faith, or is even fair, regardless if the settlement was initiated by the accident victim or negligent party, or their insurance providers or lawyers.

Cases of accident injuries also primarily hinge on the establishment of who was at fault and the determination of the proximate cause of the injury. Do you actually have the legal expertise or possess a large enough network to establish the nature of the fault or injury in order to ensure that your claim won’t be denied either in court or by your insurance provider? This part can become especially tricky if a medical condition is involved since it might take a battery of expert witnesses and comprehensive discovery procedures in order to prove your condition or injury. Likewise, it might take the same effort, if you are the one being charged, to prove your innocence and the lack of injury on the part of the one initiating the accident injury claim.

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