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What is an Accident Attorney?

If I have Insurance, do I still need a Lawyer?

Then there is the matter of your insurance – when you initially got your coverage, you might have felt your insurance provider was working in your favor. Unfortunately, once you’ve been in an accident, this is not the case and you should realize that – unlike your lawyer who will get a percentage if you win your injury case – it is in the best interest of your insurance provider to reduce or completely deny your claim since they are a profit-oriented business. You should be wary if you talk to your insurance provider, or the other party’s insurance provider before talking to your lawyer – as they could try to extract information or evidence that might be used later to deny your claim, or bury you in legal paperwork so that you will be discouraged from pursuing any further. In particular, the insurance adjustor of the other party might low ball you and force you to sign a settlement or a waiver. Remember not to sign any of these without first consulting or getting the advice of a lawyer. Doing so might bind you to an unequitable situation where you might receive an inadequate reward for your injury.

You should note that there are several important prescriptive periods that you must comply with in the initiation of any legal or insurance claim. In this regard, it would be best to hire an accident attorney who is knowledgeable with these specific periods since if you file your claim when the period has already elapsed, your claims will be denied, regardless if they are meritorious or not.

Remember that accident attorneys exist not only to ensure that you will get justice for any injury, but also as your best companion and friend for these trying times.

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