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How Can an Attorney Help You If You’ve Been in a Transportation Accident

Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer for a Truck Injury

It is very important to hire an expert personal injury or truck accident lawyer since they can extensively help you when it comes to collecting compensation for your injuries. Apart from this, you should also carefully scrutinize and choose a genuine and caring lawyer who can passionately fight for your cause.

Good lawyers will not only tirelessly pursue and advocate for the victims of truck injuries, but they also focus on expertly exposing the negligence and mistakes of the truck driver or the trucking company. More often than not, trucking companies or their drivers are the primary cause of any trucking accident. This is truly unfortunate since negligence is something that can be prevented and that the consequences of a truck accident are truly disastrous.

As mentioned earlier, the insurance representative of the company will most likely appear immediately on the scene with the intent of gathering any information and evidence so that they can limit their liability. It is very important that at this juncture, you immediately contact a truck injury attorney in order to ensure that you won’t be bullied by the insurance agent into signing away or waiving your rights.

When dealing with these insurance personnel, it is important to note that insurance companies are profit-first corporations who would do anything in their power to coerce you into signing a very unfair settlement. While on the scene, it is advisable not to discuss anything with the insurance company’s representative since they might be fishing for details or information that can be used against you at a later time. Make sure that you only provide details to either your physician or lawyer, and that you let your legal representation do all the negotiations with the insurance personnel on your behalf.

As an injured party in a truck accident, you can normally claim the following: Actual damages for your injury, any medical costs, loss of potential and actual income, moral damages for any resultant pain and suffering, and in some cases punitive damages as well. The responsible party is not only the negligent truck driver, but also the trucking company itself under the legal theory of vicarious liability. The trucking company can even be held principally liable if it failed to property execute required maintenance procedures on its trucks before they embarked on the road.

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