Are There Any Statute Of Limitations For Brain Injury Cases?

A brain injury case is a personal injury case and each state has a different statute of limitations for pursuing a claim. Here in Georgia, we have a two-year statute. There are some states that have a one-year statute. If you are suing a governmental entity, there are even shorter timelines, as much as six months where you have to provide certain notices.

So a brain injury case in Georgia is going to have a two-year statute of limitations unless that statute is told because the person is rendered incompetent and can’t pursue their claim. We handled a case like that. My suggestion would be you always want to contact an attorney as soon as possible and you never want to wait until the statute of limitations to file suit. Begin the claim early, file the case early and pursue the case aggressively. And don’t bump up against legal time limits because you will automatically lose many times because you missed the statute of limitations.


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