Who is My Ideal Client?

To help us as your accident attorneys obtain the best possible settlement or award for you, you can do these things:

1. Contact us as soon as you can after the accident – we take calls 24/7. We’ll immediately start in on your case and gather the important evidence that may quickly vanish – for example, an expert analysis of the accident scene while any skid marks are still on the road. This makes a huge difference in our ability to maximize your settlement or award.

2. Be easy to work with. Don’t be angry or confrontational, or mistreat paralegals or office staff. No one can help you if your conduct makes you impossible to tolerate.

3. Follow our advice. As experienced injury attorneys, we want you to get better and we want you to get the compensation you deserve, but you also need to do the right things to help your case.

4. Understand that the only thing the legal system can give you is money. It won’t give you an apology or take away your injuries. If you hold up your case because you are angry or unhappy, you hold us back, and we can’t do our best for you.

Our goal at Stokes & Kopitsky is to be your partner in getting you the very best settlement or award possible in your case. We want to help you to recover so you can get back to enjoying life. We are skilled, experienced Atlanta injury attorneys who are here to help you. Our telephones are answered 24/7 and our consultations are free. We advance all costs and our fees are paid only from any settlement or award we obtain for you. Please call us toll-free at 404-892-0011 for highly qualified, experienced, caring legal help for your accident.


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