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What Type Of Treatments Are Available For Traumatic Brain Injuries?

The question’s asked, “What are the types of treatment for a traumatic brain injury?” And let me tell you how it starts. It starts in the emergency room. Many times a person suffered a loss of consciousness or a reduced level of consciousness. They’re then referred today a neurologist who’s going to do certain scan testing’s like CT’s and MRI’s and PET scans. Then it’s gonna gravitate over to the neuropsychologist to determine what the cog native deficits. What are these problems that are based in an injury to the brain that’s causing this person to suffer the way they are? There’s no drug that will make this injury go along.

If the person’s having seizures that result in them not being able to pay attention because of the traumatic brain injury there are drugs for that. But probably when you really look at the whole situation, that person is like stuck on an island looking at himself. He remembers how he used to be, he remembers how he used to think, but he can’t quite get back to the way he was. Working with psychologists and counselors they’ll develop compensatory strategies to make do in life as a compromised individual. Of course this has a profound effect on the amount of award or settlement that the traumatically brain injured person is entitled to if they were hurt as a result of negligence from another person.

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