What Are The Symptoms Of Traumatic Brain Injury?

What are the symptoms of a traumatic brain injury? Well, if you’re the person that’s suffering from it or you’re the family member that has recently been caring for a person that’s been in some kind of crash, some kind of accident, something that happened as a result of somebody’s negligence, you’ll notice that person has changed. They’re just not right. They’re not thinking right. Their memory isn’t where it should be. They’re suffering dizziness. They’re suffering nausea. Their emotions are changing. They become hyperemotional. They start crying easily. Their tempers might be way out of proportion to what they should be. These are all indications of the start of what may be a traumatic brain injury and I don’t wanna frighten anybody, because many times these start as concussions and within 90 days they’re gonna resolve. But if they don’t resolve after 90 days it’s important to contact a professional to find out what’s going on here.


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