What Is A Neuropsychologist?

Picture this. You go to the hospital. You have a concussion. They send you to a neurologist who is an MD. He’s going to do some scans and he’s going to see whether you have visible organic brain injury. Many times the diffuse __ ___ shearing, those neural cells that have been damaged, don’t show up on the scan.

Well, what was developed years ago was a battery of psychological tests to test whether or not the person has suffered a permanent brain injury. That person, that psychologist, that PhD that is a specialist in the area of traumatic brain injury is called a neuropsychologist. The role he placed first is to administer almost several hours of psychological testing to see exactly what parts of the brain were injured and how it is affecting the person’s thinking. The second thing that comes into play very, very often is he is going to make treatment recommendations, how the person should be cared for from this point forward after they are diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury.


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