How Do You Help Someone With A Traumatic Brain Injury?

How do you help somebody with a traumatic brain injury?  Let me divide it into two groups.  One is the non-attorney, family member.  The other is the attorney.  The family member, the best thing that family member can do is join a group for brain injured people.  Every community, every state has a brain injury group that meets.  It’s kind of a support group.  They talk about doctors and psychologists and therapies and the effect that it’s having on the family to have this family member that used to be 100 percent now suffering from a brain injury.

As an attorney, the attorney is in a unique position first to see what’s going on with his client and detect whether or not this difference in this person is a result of a traumatic brain injury.  He’ll bring in the neurologist, the neuropsychologist.  He’ll bring in counselors.  He’ll take a look at the effects, everything from emotionally what’s going on, to many times is it vertigo and there’s need for different specialists.  You’d bring in an EMT on the vertigo because it’s damage to the inner ear.  The best thing, particularly in Atlanta, Georgia that I would suggest to everyone, is start with the very best and that’s Shepherd Spinal Center.  In additional to spinal injuries they work on traumatic injuries and that’s a great place to go to start.


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