What Are The Most Common Types Of Traumatic Brain Injuries?

Well, every – when people ask, “What are the most common types of traumatic brain injuries,” everybody in the news today has heard about football players. Even though they have helmets on them they’re suffering concussions and then throughout life they’re suffering the effects of those concussions. So when you think traumatic brain injury think first it starts as a concussion. The second thing that happens is most concussions will revolve within 90 days, but after that 90 day window, if you’re still forgetful, if you’re still having problems, if you’re emotional, if you’re crying, if you’ve got trouble on the job these are indications that that concussion has moved up to a category of traumatic brain injury and the only way you can really determine that is by neuropsychological testing. It’s called the Halstead-Reitan Battery of Test. It’s administered by a specialized psychologist and then we can see what are the deficits and many times these are lifetime and long lasting deficits that are not gonna resolve on their own.


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