Careless Truck Driver Kills Woman; Case Settles Before Lawsuit Starts

When a pulpwood truck driver in Valdosta, GA, made a wide right turn without checking his mirrors, a young woman’s car was dragged underneath the truck and she was killed instantly. A friend of the family contacted us on behalf of her grieving young husband, and we drove from Atlanta to Valdosta to meet with him.

He retained us, and we immediately hired an expert accident reconstructionist, who downloaded the accident information from the black boxes on both vehicles and reconstructed the scene of the accident and the speed of each vehicle. This information showed the young woman had no chance to avoid the accident. Next, our investigators uncovered evidence that the pulpwood truck had been pulled over for several motor vehicle violations, including a violation on the very week this accident occurred.

Our office then put together a settlement demand package for the truck’s insurer. The demand was fully documented, with all the expert witness reports. We were able to settle the case for a significant amount, without ever filing a lawsuit.

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