Accidents and injuries are an unfortunate part of life. They happen in the blink of an eye, and are all too often caused by the carelessness or negligence of another person. The aftermath of these events leaves behind physical injuries, emotional trauma, and damages, all of which take time and money to repair and recover. Insurance companies are not always willing to pay the full amount necessary. Legal assistance is necessary after an accident to insure financial hardship does not accompany the physical and emotional losses brought about by the incident.

Almost a dozen people were taken to the hospital after a deck fell during a party in suburban Atlanta.

According to authorities, the deck collapsed on a house in Stone Mountain on a Saturday night. Witnesses said there was also a grill on the deck, which may have burned a number of people when the deck crumbled.

A fire captain said the deck may have fallen due to poor construction. Authorities said thirteen people had minor injuries, but three of them did not wish to be treated at the time.

An injury, even if minor, is often a matter of concern. We have extensive knowledge in both the medical …

Over the Labor Day Weekend, a 20-year-old Tennessee man was killed when he fell over a 33-inch railing inside of the Georgia Dome. Isaac Grubb reportedly fell 45 feet to his death while watching a football game between the University of Tennessee and North Carolina State. Grubb was allegedly cheering in response to a touchdown scored by Tennessee when he unexpectedly fell over the railing and landed on a 34-year-old South Carolina man seated in the mezzanine below. The first emergency crews purportedly responded to the accident within only one minute. A second team was reportedly on the scene about three minutes later. The unidentified South Carolina man was transported to the Atlanta Medical Center in response to the injuries he allegedly sustained in the tragic accident.

The Georgia Dome is operated by the Georgia World Congress Center Authority (GWCCA). According to a representative for the organization’s Police Department, Grubb began consuming alcohol around 5 pm on the day of his death and entered the stadium at 7:23 pm. About an hour later, the young man fell to his death. Investigators from the GWCCA Police Department, the Georgia Fire Marshall’s Office, and the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office reportedly believe …

In late June, an Atlanta manufacturing company was cited by the United States Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) for 26 health and safety violations. Spruill Products, Inc. received a total of $86,200 in proposed penalties for five repeat, 16 serious, and five other-than-serious safety violations following an inspection that was reportedly prompted by the company’s higher than usual rate of worker illness and injury.

Five alleged repeat violations at Spruill Products’ Atlanta facility included the following accusations:

• Failure to ensure that workers used safety gear designed to protect the face and eyes;
• Failure to perform specific lockout procedures prior to performing equipment maintenance;
• Failure to properly train employees regarding lockout procedures;
• Failure to install protective guards on dangerous equipment such as saw and presses; and
• Failure to keep the floor free of liquid and other slip and fall hazards

A repeat violation is issued only after a company is cited for a substantially similar safety violation of a rule, regulation, or standard more than once within a five-year-period. The company received proposed penalties of $38,680 for the repeat violations.

Spruill Products also received $47,520 in proposed penalties for 16 serious safety …

As injury attorneys, we sometimes know how the victim was injured, but we don’t know who was responsible, or exactly what they did. Proving that someone else had legal “liability” for the injury – meaning that it was their fault because they did something wrong that resulted in the injury – can take a great deal of skill.

We had a case where we represented a young girl who fell down the stairs at an apartment building. Her injuries were extremely serious. She broke her jaw off, broke her teeth out, and was hospitalized for a long time.

The first challenge we faced was to find out if there had been a violation of the legal “standard of care” for an apartment staircase. We had the staircase evaluated by a building standards expert from Georgia Tech. He found that the metal supports that should have been completely UNDER each concrete stair tread instead stuck out BEYOND each tread. Each stair had a metal “lip” which could catch a person’s shoe. This was a serious violation of the building code. When the little girl came down the stairs, her heel caught on one of these metal lips, and she lost her …

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