Rageross via Wikimedia Creative Commons LicenseNothing is more precious to anyone and to society as a whole than the wellbeing of children. Unfortunately, children can fall prey to negligence or carelessness, just like anyone else. The danger is even worse for them, because the very young don’t know what to watch out for. When they come to harm, those who allowed it to happen must absolutely be held responsible so it never happens to another child.

The death of a 3-year-old boy at a daycare center in Alpharetta was ruled an accident by police. Officially, the cause was accidental asphyxiation from hanging, according to the Fulton County Medical Examiner.

A length of twine shaped like a loop was at the top of the slide, said the public information officer for the Alpharetta police department. The child’s head got inside the loop when he was sliding down and the caregiver had gone inside for a moment. When she turned around to check on the child, it was too late.

According to the public relations officer, the caregiver attempted CPR until first responders were on the scene. Paramedics took the boy directly to the hospital, but he later died.

Neighbors claimed the caregiver was an excellent mother …

Accidents and injuries are an unfortunate part of life. They happen in the blink of an eye, and are all too often caused by the carelessness or negligence of another person. The aftermath of these events leaves behind physical injuries, emotional trauma, and damages, all of which take time and money to repair and recover. Insurance companies are not always willing to pay the full amount necessary. Legal assistance is necessary after an accident to insure financial hardship does not accompany the physical and emotional losses brought about by the incident.

Almost a dozen people were taken to the hospital after a deck fell during a party in suburban Atlanta.

According to authorities, the deck collapsed on a house in Stone Mountain on a Saturday night. Witnesses said there was also a grill on the deck, which may have burned a number of people when the deck crumbled.

A fire captain said the deck may have fallen due to poor construction. Authorities said thirteen people had minor injuries, but three of them did not wish to be treated at the time.

An injury, even if minor, is often a matter of concern. We have extensive knowledge in both the medical …

Brooke Novak via Wikimedia Creative CommonsIt’s an unfortunate fact that accidents can happen anywhere, at virtually any time. While many of these accidents are essentially faultless, all too many of them are because of the actions or inaction of another. In those cases, the victim should not be responsible for the costs incurred through no fault of his or her own. This includes medical bills, repair bills, and a host of other expenses that can arise from an accident.

A young boy was hurt at an Atlanta Braves game when a foul ball hit him in the head.

According to a Braves spokeswoman, the young fan was injured but did not lose consciousness. After being treated on-site, he was taken to the hospital for further evaluation and treatment.

The Major League Baseball website says the impact of the ball could be heard throughout Turner Field when the foul ball struck the unidentified boy. It was lined into the seats behind the Braves’ first-based dugout in the seventh inning.

The batter was clearly upset by the incident and took a knee at the plate. Other players appeared deeply affected, as well.

If you or a loved one have suffered an injury through the actions of another, …

FuturillaIt is an unfortunate fact of life that accidents happen. All too often, they occur because of someone else’s negligence or carelessness. These accidents cost money in repairs and medical bills and they even cost time away from work and from family. All of this is money the victims should never have to pay – so who should pay the price? Getting legal compensation is the answer.

This is very probably what will happen after two people in Fayetteville were hospitalized after a deck collapsed.

According to Fayette County officials, rescue workers were called to  assist at a home on Ebenezer Church Road.  Fayette County Fire responded to find two construction workers who were  trapped underneath the deck. The deck apparently had collapsed when two other people were on top of the structure.

The rescued construction workers were taken to Atlanta Medical Center once everyone was freed. According to official reports, two of the workers involved in the accident suffered “significant leg injuries”. Their current condition was not released.

There is no report of what caused the collapse as of yet and the accident remains under investigation.

Such injuries are not just a physical and emotional burden, they are a …

Thousands of people live in apartments in Atlanta. Unfortunately, this also lends itself to a variety of hazards that can cause serious injury and even death in extreme cases. There are a number of reasons that this can happen, but there is always the potential for a monetary settlement that can at least in part make up for the damage.

A Georgia Tech recently perished tragically when an explosion happened inside of his Midtown apartment. The police department didn’t believe there was any wrongdoing leading up to the explosion, but they know for sure that it was severe enough to leave the student with third degree burns on over 90 percent of his body as a result of the Molotov cocktail supplies that were found at the scene of the incident.

After several weeks in the hospital, the student tragically died as a result of his burns and organ failure. This leaves his family grieving and searching for more answers. In order to alleviate some of their stress, it will be important to have a professional by your side that can guide you through the legal system and help you do it with as little stress as possible.

Doing that …

Heroism has no age limits.  A pre-school girl was recently the hero when she was at home with her father. He was cutting down a tree in the backyard. While he was using his machete to chop branches, he landed a blow to his arm which deeply cut into his wrist.  Nobody else was around, but his daughter came to the rescue.

She was sitting on the porch with her sister when the accident happened. Her mother had taught her how to dial 911 earlier, so she dialed the phone and held it to her father’s ear while he talked to the dispatcher and explained the problem to them. Fortunately, the 911 operator was able to explain how to slow the bleeding until two ambulances arrived on the scene to take him to the hospital.

Accidents happen in the backyard all the time.  A rock might fly from the lawnmower, a tree branch might fall, or some other type of injury may occur. Occasionally, it is possible to be injured due to the negligence of another party in your own yard. In such a case, you may want to seek legal help.

If you have been injured in an accident, …

Jon GosAccidents can happen for any number of reasons, but sometimes a particular stretch of road can be a crash magnet. That’s what officials in Conyers are saying about a stretch of Highway 138/Georgia 20 that saw 33 accidents in the month of December. According to officials, that’s more than a third of all the accidents that happened in Conyers.

Officials believe it may be because of holiday traffic, and that the majority of the accidents are because of people following too closely or failing to yield. This particular stretch of highway runs right through the center of Conyers. Police are asking people to be extra vigilant when going through the city, since there is traffic at all hours through that section.

The rules of the road are designed to keep us as safe as possible when operating motor vehicles. The vast majority of accidents happen because someone breaks these rules either intentionally or due to distractions. The results of an accident can be quite costly; medical expenses, lost wages, and vehicle repairs are just the tip of the iceberg.

If you have suffered from an accident, you don’t have to just accept what the insurance company gives you. A skilled …

Premises liability is the term used when someone gets injured on someone else’s property due to a danger on that property. For example, a faulty piece of playground equipment could be the basis for a suit against the owner if a child gets injured. One possible way this can happen is a tree falling over in a storm. If that tree was known to be dead and it hit someone’s house or injured someone, there could be legal consequences.

Trees can fall at any time, even if they look healthy on the outside. One family in Lithonia recently found that out when a tree on their property got blown over into their home. Six people were in the house at the time when the tree struck. Thankfully, no one was hurt from the impact, but the kitchen was entirely demolished.

If this tree had fallen on a neighbor’s home, the homeowners could have been held liable. Property damage and injury could have resulted. Insurance may cover some of these costs, but depending on the circumstances that might not be enough. That’s when you need to call a skilled personal injury lawyer.

If you live in North Georgia and have been …

Credit: MartismasA DeKalb Pre-K student was severely injured in an incident at school last week that has her mother wondering why the school didn’t dial 911.

According to Yvonne Germany, Eliza Germany’s mother, Eliza was pushed into a cafeteria door frame at Browns Mill School in Lithonia. A metal support post for the door inexplicably broke loose and crashed onto her daughter’s hand, seriously injuring her. Eliza suffered deep lacerations on the third and fourth finger and the tips of the fingers were both crushed and fractured.

Germany said that the school nurse did call her to the school immediately following the accident. When she arrived and examined her daughter, she was shocked as to why no one had called paramedics to the scene. The child’s mother was then advised that she would have to be the one to transport her daughter to the nearest medical facility for care.

Doctors at DeKalb Medical Center stitched Eliza’s lacerations and told her mother that she may possibly need to have reconstructive surgery as well as physical therapy. Germany said that she is still awaiting a formal report from the school on what happened.

The school said in a statement that with the teacher …

A Georgia state legislator recently submitted a bill that would require all public schools in the state to install carbon monoxide detectors. Sheila Jones reportedly filed the proposed legislation less than one week after an Atlanta elementary school was evacuated as a result of deadly carbon monoxide levels. In addition, the Georgia State Department of Education has urged all schools throughout the state to evaluate the carbon monoxide risks inside of district buildings.

The colorless, odorless gas allegedly caused nearly 50 people to be transported to area hospitals after they began collapsing inside of an Atlanta school building. According to Atlanta Public Schools Superintendent Erroll Davis, the incident was caused by a boiler valve that was inadvertently left closed following routine service. Near the furnace, area firefighters allegedly found extremely high concentrations of the deadly gas.

Despite that Georgia law does not currently require schools to use carbon monoxide detectors, many districts are allegedly moving forward with installing the safety measure following the incident in Atlanta. One of Georgia’s largest school districts, the Bibb County School System in Macon, identified 22 school buildings that could potentially experience a similar carbon monoxide leak. As a result, carbon monoxide detectors are being …

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