Driving is not as simple as getting from point A to point B. A lot can happen between your starting point and your intended location. Despite all the precautions you take to ensure that your vehicle is in good condition and that you follow all driving laws, you can still end up in a car accident.

But what can you do when you wind up in an uninsured motorist accident where the responsible party is an uninsured driver?

You have two options. You can either seek a settlement directly from the driver, or you can file a claim to receive your own uninsured motorist benefits.

Seeking a Settlement From the Driver

The process of seeking a settlement directly from an uninsured motorist is lengthy, frustrating and often unfruitful.
It is unlikely that you will receive a substantial settlement from an uninsured driver. Chances are, he or she does not have the financial ability to pay you. Even if you do win your case, you may end up needing a court order to compel the driver to pay the settlement.

Filing a Claim With Your Insurance Company

In these accidents, your best option is to file a claim with your insurance …

A passenger on a motorcycle is dead after an accident involving an alleged drunk driver Sunday Morning. According to the Atlanta Police Department, the victim is identified as Atlanta resident, Ellie Morris, 33.

Officers indicate that Jessica Johnson was driving her Hyundai Sonata on the southbound side of Interstate 75 near the Interstate 85 connector when she tried to get into the left lane in order to get on to Interstate 20.

In attempting the lane change, Johnson’s Hyundai Sonata struck the rear of the motorcycle on which Morris was a passenger. As a result of the impact, Morris fell off of the motorcycle and was struck by Johnson’s vehicle.

The impact also caused the driver of the motorcycle to strike the median. The motorcyclist went to the car calling Morris’s name, and then fled the scene of the accident.

Officers performed a field sobriety test on Johnson. According to police, she blew more than twice the legal limit of .08 with a .209.

Johnson was arrested and faces charges of DUI, first degree vehicular homicide and other related charges. Also charged is motorcyclist, Saahir Salahuddin, 37, with first degree homicide, hit and run by receiving a stolen vehicle.

If …

David Tulis / AP

Yesterday, Atlanta was hit with a snowstorm that rivaled the ‘snowmageddon’ that happened in 2011. Cars were stranded, buses fell off the road into ditches, and ten minute commutes expanded into 3 hour commutes. There were reports of people taking upwards of six hours to get home.

It started snowing early in the day and began to pile up.  By the time that businesses called it an early day and sent people home, it was too late to save them from traffic snarls that lasted for hours. Schools tried to let out their students around the same time, further compounding the traffic issues.

The snow didn’t let up until the early evening, leaving at least three inches on the ground.  While this may be child’s play to Northern cities, Atlanta does not have the infrastructure to handle snow and ice well. As a result, over a thousand calls to police were made last night alone for traffic accidents. Police, fire, and rescue personnel were dispatched to the most severe of crashes.

In response to all of the stranded motorists, the people of Atlanta started to create impromptu shelters.  Churches, Mexican restaurants, Home Depots, and other places raised their hands …

CBS Atlanta

When a close family member dies in an accident, especially a young person, parents may feel that the actions of the court are not enough to punish the people in the crime. Lawsuits and criminal charges can only go so far. Sometimes a parent will decide that they need to take their demands to the legislature and ask lawmakers to change the laws.

That is what one family is doing after a young woman was killed in a road rage crash last October. According to police, a truck crashed into the 20-year-old’s SUV head-on.  Both drivers were killed in that accident, though the passengers in the woman’s vehicle survived. Police say that the truck driver got angry when he couldn’t pass another vehicle that was in front of him. When he tried to get in front unsafely he crashed into the woman.

The perpetrator paid the ultimate price, but the family wants to make sure that this sort of accident doesn’t happen again. They are working with State Rep. Kevin Tanner to create the Chelsea Gerrish Law. The parents are seeking stiffer penalties, including felony charges and license suspension for 6-12 months.

Time will tell if the proposed legislation …

A 47-year-old motorcyclist reportedly sustained serious injuries after he was involved in a daytime traffic wreck in Hall County. The Gainesville man was allegedly riding a Harley Davidson north on McEver Road near Gould Drive when he unexpectedly struck a curb and lost control of his bike. According to a representative for the Georgia State Patrol, the motorcyclist crossed the median and hit a southbound passenger vehicle. Following the crash, the motorcycle rider was purportedly taken by emergency medical helicopter to Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta.

The exact cause of the injury accident is under investigation by the Georgia State Patrol. According to authorities, charges are currently pending in connection with the motorcycle wreck. At this time, it is unknown whether the 42-year-old driver of the automobile suffered any harm in the collision.

Unfortunately, the injuries sustained in a Georgia motorcycle crash like this one are often serious or life-threatening. Motorcyclists who are hurt by a negligent motorist may be eligible to receive damages for their medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages and benefits, any resulting temporary or permanent disability, and more. In addition, the loved ones of someone who was killed in a fatal motorcycle collision may be …

Last week, a motorcycle driver was critically injured on Georgia State Route 140 in Cherokee County. The accident reportedly occurred after 22-year-old Stephanie Marie Christ of Canton pulled onto the roadway directly in the path of a Chevrolet S-10 pick-up truck that was heading east. According to Georgia State Patrol spokesperson Gordy Wright, the driver of the pick-up, 62-year-old Larry Richard Mason of Waleska, Mississippi, left the roadway after hitting the motorcyclist. His truck reportedly wound up in a nearby ditch with Christ trapped beneath it.

Rescue crews were allegedly called upon to pull Christ from the accident wreckage. The woman was transported by emergency helicopter to Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta. Cherokee Fire Department spokesperson Tim Cavender stated Mason was not seriously hurt in the crash. At this time, no charges have been filed against either driver. The Georgia State Patrol is currently investigating the exact cause of the collision.

The injuries that victims of Georgia motorcycle accidents sustain are often severe and life-changing. Motorcyclists who are hurt due to another driver’s negligence may be entitled to compensation for pain, suffering, medical costs, and temporary or permanent disability. The loved ones of someone killed in a motorcycle crash may …

Over the Memorial Day Weekend, 30-year-old boxing champion Paul Williams was left paralyzed from the waist down following a motorcycle crash in Marietta. According to the Public Information Officer for the Marietta Police Department, David Baldwin, Williams crashed at a high rate of speed on the South Marietta Parkway near Atlanta Road. Williams reportedly left the roadway and struck an embankment following his attempts to avoid being hit by an oncoming vehicle. In a press release, Baldwin stated Williams was driving too fast for conditions. He also said despite that the accident is currently under investigation charges are now pending against Williams.

During the accident, Williams was thrown from the motorcycle and suffered a crushed spinal cord in his lower back. Although Williams has no sensation or movement from the waist down, he is currently in stable condition at WellStar Kennestone Hospital. Following the accident, Williams underwent surgery in the hopes of stabilizing his upper spine. Despite that he will soon begin rehabilitation, doctors have reportedly told Williams he will never walk again. According to Williams’ manager, George Peterson, the boxing champion is not in pain and suffered no other physical injuries. Williams told news reporters he believes he still …

A 30-year-old Lavonia man is in critical condition following a recent motorcycle crash on Lavonia Highway. According to Hart County Sheriff Mike Cleveland, Mitchell L. Farmer was headed home on his Harley Davidson motorcycle when a Honda Accord driven by a 34-year-old Elberton woman crossed the center line and struck him head-on. The driver of the Honda, Brittni Michelle Allor, also allegedly side-swiped another vehicle immediately prior to the collision with Farmer’s motorcycle. No one was injured in the vehicle that was side-swiped.

Sheriff Cleveland stated both alcohol and speeding contributed to the crash. He also said based on roadway skid marks, he believed Allor was likely travelling in excess of 100 miles per hour. Following the accident, Farmer was taken to Greenville Memorial Hospital with serious injuries. Allor was taken to Hart County Hospital for minor injuries and later released.

Following her release from the hospital, Allor was arrested and charged with driving under the influence, improper passing, driving on the wrong side of the road, and serious injury by a vehicle. She currently remains in the Hart County Jail awaiting a hearing on her potential bond. Sheriff Cleveland stated if Farmer does not recover from his accident injuries, …

Phillip Tweety, 74, and his wife, Janie were riding along Deans Bridge Road on October 8, 2011 when a truck driven by James Adams hit Tweety’s moped. Janie, who was riding along the lane shoulder, was not injured. Tweety, however, was transported to Medical College of Georgia Hospital with massive head injuries. He remains in critical condition. Tweety, a beloved figure in the area, rode around on his first vehicle of choice–a bicycle–for decades, distributing money to the needy. He and his wife, Seventh-Day Adventists, are known for their charity work around Georgia. They were returning home Saturday after completing their missionary work when a truck collided with Tweety’s moped a quarter mile from Fort Gordon’s Gate 5.

The collision occurred at around 6:15 p.m. when Adams’ truck swerved from the left lane and hit Tweety’s moped from behind. Tweety remains in a coma and is expected to be moved to rehab soon. An outpouring of support has flooded his room in the hospital as visitors bring donations and food while staying to pray with his wife. The Tweetys have always given 10 percent of their income to the needy, directly approaching Walmart shoppers in Augusta who seemed to need …

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