Construction slowdowns forced the driver of a semi-tractor trailer to stop his rig on I-75. Unfortunately, 40 year old Vahid Husic of Lawrenceville was not able to stop his vehicle in time before crashing into a BMW. That BMW smashed forward into a 2011 Town and Country minivan. That vehicle hit several more from there.

The only fortunate thing about this incident which killed 2 people is that it happened just after 2pm instead of during the thick of rush hour traffic.

The driver of the BMW, Gregory Alan Millsaps of Marietta, was killed when the vehicle burst into flames. In the Town and Country, passenger Barbara Phenicie of Peachtree City was taken to the hospital where she was pronounced dead.

The other two people who were in the Town and Country, husband Dale Phenicie and son Jonathan Phenicie were also taken to the hospital. They are both expected to recover. We wish them both a speedy recovery.

Others who were involved in this fiery chain reaction crash are expected to recover. Everyone else who was checked out at the scene should be okay.

Officials worked diligently to clear the scene, and despite the incident happening at 2pm, it still …

On August 8th, a double-decker motor coach operated by the Chicago-based discount bus line Megabus caught on fire while traveling on Interstate 85. The bus fire occurred on the northbound portion of the freeway in Hart County near the Georgia-South Carolina State line. The bus was reportedly carrying 80 passengers from Atlanta to Charlotte, North Carolina when one of the tires blew out. According to passengers, the rear of the motor coach caught fire as the bus driver began to stop the vehicle.

One passenger, Samaad Stewart, stated the bus driver ensured that all passengers were quickly evacuated as soon as the fire started. Not long after the last passenger exited the motor coach it reportedly became completely engulfed in flames. Fortunately, no one was injured in the incident. According to the Georgia Department of Transportation (DOT), traffic on interstate 85 was backed up for several hours as a result of the bus fire. DOT crews were forced to cut the burned motor coach into two pieces in order to remove the vehicle from the roadway. The cause of the fire is currently under investigation.

The Megabus Company has been in the news several times this month over a slew …

On Independence Day, at least three people were hurt by professional fireworks displays in two separate Georgia incidents. In Cherokee County, two pyrotechnicians were injured when an aerial firework exploded too close to the ground at the City of Woodstock’s annual fireworks show. According to Woodstock Police Department spokesperson Randy Milligan, the fireworks display was temporarily halted while one of the men was taken by emergency crews to a local hospital in stable condition. A second pyrotechnician was treated at the scene for his injuries. The pyrotechnicians are reportedly employees of a fireworks vendor the City of Woodstock contracted with to operate the presentation. After the men were treated, the fireworks show resumed.

In Carroll County, two pyrotechnicians were igniting fireworks for the Legion Lake fireworks display onboard a pontoon boat when a container full of fireworks blew up. Both men reportedly jumped into the lake following the explosion. One man was transported by emergency responders to Grady Memorial Hospital with third degree burns. According to paramedics on the scene, the other pyrotechnician refused treatment and his condition is currently unknown. The Legion Lake fireworks show was ended early in response to the accident.

Millions of burn injuries reported every …

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