Wrongful Death Case Settled in Sneiderman Case

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A case that has received a lot of local media attention was the affair between Hemy Neuman and Andrea Sneiderman and the murder that it caused. Neuman was Sneiderman’s boss at GE. On several business trips, the two became very close. Neuman then murdered Sneiderman’s husband in broad day light in front of a day care center.

Neuman was considered guilty but insane in the ensuing trial. The prosecution was going to bring murder charges against Sneiderman as well but dropped them the day before of the trial, instead charging her with a very long list other charges including perjury and hindering the investigation of her husband’s death. She was convicted in these charges and is currently serving her sentence. She is up for parole in the spring.

Now another chapter in the story has closed. The family of her slain husband filed a wrongful death suit against her before the charges were dropped. That case has now been settled. The settlement terms have not been disclosed, which is common.

Even in cases involving a murder, it is possible to follow up criminal charges with a civil suit. A family losing their major breadwinner due to a wrongful death deserves to be compensated for their loss. The lawyers at Stokes & Kopitsky have the experience necessary to help you pursue your case in court. Call our law office today if you have been injured.

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