EMS Workers Injured In Accident

Alin S Living With AutismAnyone can be hurt in an accident. The random nature that characterizes such events makes them a danger to anyone; no matter what their jobs, or what their status in life. Everyone on the road is as vulnerable as anyone else. There are those out there to help others in the case of an accident — police, firefighters, paramedics — but sometimes even they are caught up in the thoughtlessness of another driver who disregards the traffic laws meant to keep us all safe.

A pair of EMS workers had to be taken to the hospital after an accident in downtown Atlanta. An ambulance collided with a pickup truck. The truck attempted to flee from the site of the accident, but it didn’t get very far before being caught.

The ambulance drivers reported only minor injuries.

Police are considering DUI charges against the truck driver, among other charges.

People who drive drunk or text while driving or drive dangerously in any manner are a danger to everyone on the road and should be treated accordingly. If you’ve been injured in an accident, you can hold the ones who hurt you accountable through legal compensation. Contact Stokes & Kopitsky today. We’ll give you an initial consultation free of charge and any cases we accept are paid on contingency only, meaning you don’t have to pay until receive the settlement you deserve.

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